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The bezel is the part of the watch that gets the most abuse. The bezel is the most vulnerable part of the watch to damage, corrosion, scratches, and fading.

Due to its scratch resistance, malleability and hardness, ceramic has been a popular material for bezels over the past few decades. Omega Replica, on the other hand,omega replica has been using ceramic for bezels since the mid-1980s. Omega Replica developed its own ceramic bezel, the Cerachrom.

Cerachrom has been a popular bezel for Omega Replica watches and continues to improve over the years. Take a look at what makes the Cerachrom so special.

Omega Replica Pepsi Bezel Jubilee Steel Watch 126710Before creating the Cerachrom bezel, Omega Replica used aluminum and bakelite for their professional models.

Bakelite was a material used in the 1950s for Omega Replica GMT Master watches. Bakelite bezels are made from acrylic and have radium numerals luminous inside.Patek Philippe replica watches The luminous numerals were designed to allow pilots to see the time in low-light conditions. The bakelite bezels began to crack and brittle very quickly. Radium's radioactive properties were also a concern.

Aluminum - Omega Replica began using aluminum inserts in their bezels in 1956 and continued doing so up until the 2000s. It was a reliable material, but it also had limitations. Omega Replica wanted a durable material for their watches, but it was not available. It would scratch and fade with time.